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Steak & Cheese Steak Sandwiches

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Pat's King of Steaks is proud to annouce the creation of their new foundation - Spread the Whiz. A unique program designed to educate, inform and demonstrate healthy eating habits and nutrition in school and school-aged children through artistic and cooking expressions.

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Pat's King of Steaks® was founded by Pat Olivieri in 1930. Pat had a modest hot-dog stand at the base of the famous Italian Market in South Philadelphia.

One day he decided to have something quite different for lunch, so he sent for some chopped meat from the butcher shop. He cooked the meat on his hot dog grill, placed the meat onto an Italian roll, and dressed it with some onions. Just as he went to take a bite, a cab driver who ate a hot dog everyday asked what he had there. Pat said that it was his lunch. The cabbie insisted that Pat make him one.
The cabbie took one bite and said to Pat, "Hey.....forget 'bout those hot dogs, you should sell these." The steak sandwich was born. As the years passed, both employees and customers alike demanded change...cheese was added.